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SSPTA and Sulphur Springs Community School have been awarded as a National PTA School of Excellence.
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16628 Lost Canyon Road, Canyon Country, CA  91351  tel. 661-252-2725
The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.  
This is the Sulphur Springs PTA website, and not the official website of the Sulphur Springs Community School or the District. 
This award recognizes schools who excel in family-engagement. We are excited to continue our efforts in engaging our families.
It is time to renew your PTA membership. This year will bring new and exciting ways the PTA can support our students. 

The first step in supporting our students is membership!
Parents should choose from two learning models for their students for this school year. 

Click here to learn more about the choices. 
Students who opt for the [email protected] Model will be utilizing the Edgenuity Platform, which is a guided online curriculum. This model will also use Mystery Science, Mosa Mack and Studies Weekly

All students will have access to the Edgenuity Platform regardless of Learning Model.
All students will begin the school year online due to the government mandate; however, learning model selection is important for planning and purposes, including class assignment.